This little guy fuels every day of my life and is often a model behind my lens. He keeps me on my toes and fills my life with joy. My wife does a wonderful job chasing the both of us around at the Zoo and local parks when we’re working the camera.

Most of the day is filled with babbling and rambunctiousness, and often it’s interrupted by a tantrum or two. He still manages to throw in an “I love you, Daddy,” a few giggles, and some hugs.

I pray he sees me fail so that he may learn to overcome. Yet I wish him success and yearn to teach him humility. I pray he sees me affirm so that he may praise others. I will show love to his mother so that he will know how to treat a woman. I hope he knows he has a safe place to come home to so that he will take the risk and set out on his own. I pray he finds God and keeps his heart guarded from evil. This is my prayer as his father.

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