Long Snapping is crucial to the game of football. One bad snap can alter the outcome of a play, game, or season. Kyle’s superior knowledge of technique instruction and skill assessment have made him one of the most sought after special teams instructors for the sport.

So far this year, Coach Stelter has worked with 12 Pro long snappers, 60 D1 long snappers, and 3 National Champions ranging from D1-D3! This was all done through private lessons and NOT large cattle call camps. When you have a membership with Special Teams University, you get the most personalized coaching done through one on one instruction. You receive a Virtual Lesson every month, the ability to send film anytime for critique, assistance with recruiting for HS and JUCO athletes, a free Highlight Video for HS and JUCO athletes, the ability to be coached during the season and given drills designed to make YOU better and make sure you don’t develop any bad habits, discounts on all STU services and gear.

Special Teams University instructor Kyle Stelter, can help you to become the best snapper you can be! In just a few years, Kyle has built STU to become the pinnacle of long snapping instruction. Kyle has refined the technique of 10 professional snappers, over 30 Division I long snappers, and hundreds of other long snappers around the country. College and NFL recruiters and scouts are looking for quick, accurate, and consistent long-snappers.

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