Winona Wedding

Mike and Mitsy

I first met Mike and Mitsy in their Kellogg home just north of Winona, MN. They had met years prior while working together. Mitsy reminisced that Mike wasn’t even on her radar until he had asked her on a date out of the blue.

I want to thank Mitsy and Mike for letting me share there wedding day with them as their photographer. There were many dynamics in weather and sunshine that played out that day which made the day even more memorable. It was great to see Mike and Mitsy’s family and friends, and the wedding party was a blast. We started out in Stockton for some photos as the groomsmen were getting ready. We then traveled out to Winona to take some photos of the bridal party as they put make-up on and did their hair.

Just as we finished up, the rain started coming down, but we tucked up next to St. John’s Church to get some wedding party pictures. I wish Mike and Mitsy the very best in their marriage. They’re a great family. I’m incredibly grateful to have been able to take their wedding photos in Winona, MN. It was beautiful, entertaining, and a fantastic event.

“And they lived happily ever after!”


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