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Shilow Sullyboo

Shilow has beautiful dark hair and striking facial features. She’s a promising young model and it has been a pleasure working with her. I look forward to many more shoots.

We set up on Harriet Island for the photo shoot on New Year’s Eve Day. It was a frigid fourteen degrees outside. Our goal was to get some quality head shots and hopefully get some bokeh from the park lights as the sun was setting.

Of course the chilly weather did prevent the shoot from venturing into more playful attempts for an image. Since we planned for cold weather, our location allowed us to take a couple shots and go back to our cars to warm up. While in our vehicles we got to plan the next shots. It was very methodical and calculated.

Most shots included three 600ex-rt flashes inside an 80cm octagonal umbrella light modifier. The snow and cloud cover created soft lighting conditions and complemented the light from our flashes quite nicely. I shot all of these images with a Canon 200m L prime lens on a Canon 5D II camera body.

Ryan Agrimson, Photographer, Twin Cities, Minnesota

Photography is a process. To produce great images, you need someone who can get through the whole process from vision, lighting, and taking the shot to a finished image after editing.

“The next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in.”

From start to finish, Ryan Agrimson is a professional all the way through. He understands how to shape light in studio and on set location to create a truly great image. His abilities with editing tools are phenomenal and were crafted from many sleepless nights of class with profound experts in the field; Chris Orwig, Ben Long, and Deke McClelland.

Enhance your modeling portfolio and schedule with Ryan Agrimson today. There’s no doubt that you’ll improve your portfolio and impress future employers.

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Model Shilow Sullyboo, Photographer Ryan Agrimson, Minnesota Photographer

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